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Are you in charge of fundraising for a PTO? Athletic or band booster organization? The community service department of a local business?


    Are you tired of running the same, stale fundraisers and watching your returns diminish year after year?


    What if you could run a fundraiser that was easy to operate,

required little effort and could gain more money for your group in

one night than a few other fundraisers combined?


    The answer to your fundraising woes is a comedy hypnosis show! Imagine your audience arriving excited and ready for an evening of entertainment where they or their friends will engage in the most ridiculously hilarious shenanigans! And when that’s over, the evening culminates with an announcement of the amazing work your team

has done in raising so much for your organization.


    Adam’s fundraiser hypnosis shows can raise thousands of dollars

for your group in just one night and free you forever from the

drudgery of bake sales and car washes!


    To contact Adam about performing at your fundraising event,

click here!

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