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    Reality can be rewritten! And you’ll watch it happen right before your eyes! Adam offers two versions of his show, Hypnoticized, perfect for any event and entertaining for the entire family.


    The alternate version of Hypnoticized is perfect for Comic Cons and any other event themed for those who love sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes! Adam is a life-long, self-proclaimed nerd who has created a show specifically for this audience!


     Imagine watching a group of volunteers go from traveling through a time machine, to having a firefight from the deck of their favorite spaceship! Imagine one of those volunteers becoming the latest movie superhero and another attempting to warn the audience that everyone in a costume is an alien . . . but only being able to speak Martian while giving that warning!


    Hypnoticized is hilarious, family-friendly fun and guaranteed to make memories that attendees to your fan convention will never forget! 

    To contact Adam about performing at your next event, click here!

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